Seniors Class

These classes are for anyone over 15 years of age. The classes are different each day and some are divided into sections to cater for the beginners, those more advanced looking to improve their technique and elite athletes looking for high quality training. The class breakdown is as follows:


Tuesday & Thursday: Randori Day

First 30 mins is solely focused on improving current technique and learning new ones.

Then we have intense Ne-Waza and Tachi-Waza Randori session the rest of class.

If you are a beginner there will be plenty of people on the mat happy to help you through this session.


Wednesday: Technique Day

From en-graining existing technique into our muscle memory, through to learning new throws, turnovers and all manner of groundwork.


Friday: Open Mat

On Fridays the mat is open for you to use as you like. As a member of Taketani Judo you are free to come along and work on a particular technique, grab a coach and ask for help on something that you are finding difficult or find a training partner and do some more Randori. The choice is yours.


Note: Trial is available only on Tuesday and Thursday.

Coach: Nao, Kasumi, Sunny

Day and Time: Tue 7pm to 8.30pm

                          Wed 7pm to 8.30pm

                          Thu 7pm to 8.30pm

                          Fri 7pm to 8.30pm (Come & leave anytime)


Training Fee: Casual Class: $25

                        10 Times Pass: $200

                        3 month paid in full: $410



・We offer one week free trial. No need to book in advance.

・No Joining Fee or No Annual Membership

・2nd and 3rd family member get 10% discount for 3 months Membership

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