Nao Taketani

Nao started his Judo journey in Osaka, Japan in 1988. He enrolled in Junior high school, high school and university with a focus on Judo. His university ‘Kokushikan University', stays at the top of the ladder every year. Nao studied physical education focused on the Martial arts of Judo. While studying at University he trained and competed with many Olympic athletes.


Nao is a multiple champion (4 X Japan Regional Champion), and has worked with the US Judo team prior to the Beijing Games in 2008. He has helped his students become National Champions in Judo in Australia. Nao has worked with some of the best from all over the world and is willing to share his advice and experiences.


He has coached several students to National level championships. He is qualified and accredited (both Japan and Australia) and wants to help his students succeed


Nao is a high performance coach with international experience in mentoring Athletes to achieve a standard higher than their own expectations. He has personally trained against international opponents in Europe, Asia, North America and now in Australia.


He has trained Australian national medalists and Australian Team members. His goal is to provide the support for all of the members so that they achieve their highest results on a consistent level.



• Bachelor of Physical Education from Kokushikan University

• Certificate III & IV in Personal Trainer from Fitness Australia

• NSAS in Judo – National Coaching Accreditation Scheme.

• Kodokan Judo Institute 4th Dan

• High School Physical Education Teacher License from Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

• Certificate in First Aid from Australia Wide First Aid

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