Jigoro Kano Cup Round 1

Important Notice


In light of the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Taketani Judo Academy and ijudo Club have decided to postpone the 1st round of the Kano Cup on March 29th.


Assuming the situation improves in the coming weeks and months IJudo Club will host the first Kano Cup of the year and we will work with them to find a date to fit this current competition into the calendar later in 2020.


Jigoro Kano Cup is brought you by iJudo club and Taketani Judo Academy. We run this beginners friendly competition 4 times a year.


This competition is for 6 years old to seniors and we have novice division and advanced division to compete in the similar level. Round robin system will be apply for all divisions.


Jigoro Kano Cup Round 2

Date: Sunday 24th May

Venue: iJudo Club

Address: 23 Yale Drive, Epping Vic

Entry Fee: $20 per division

(Pay by cash at the registration on the day)

Registration is at iJudo on the day.


Under 9 y/o: 6, 7 and 8 y/o for all belts (Age at 31st Dec 2020)

In this age group, double Ippon is required to win.

We will try to make girls and boys separated to compete if we get enough competitors.


Under 12 y/o: 9, 10 and 11 y/o (Age at 31st Dec 2020)

Under 15 y/o: 12, 13 and 14 y/o (Age at 31st Dec 2020)

These age groups have novice and advanced division.

Novice Division: Orange belt and below (Double Ippon is required to win)

Advanced Division: Above orange belt


Girls and boys will be separated in all divisions.


Cadet and over for novice: 15 y/o and over (Age at 31st Dec 2020)

These will be only novice division, orange belt and below, in this age group.

Men and women will be separated in all divisions.

For safety reason, no arm lock is allowed.



Jigoro Kano Cup Round 3

Date: Sunday 9th August

Venue: Taketani Judo Academy


Jigoro Kano Cup Round 4

Date: Sunday 15th November

Venue: iJudo Club

Address: 23 Yale Drive, Epping Vic


For more information contact us at info@taketanijudo.com

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