Judo Classes

We offer variety of classes to ensure that each person trains with someone of a similar ability.


We are currently running the following classes:



Private Judo Session

Our coaches Nao and Sunny takes private session for you to meet your needs.


This is for who  cannot attend evening class or who want to learn particular techniques and movement.


Also great opportunity for BJJ trainees to learn Judo take downs.


Fitness Class

Do you want to work up a nice sweat to start a Saturday morning? Then, join this class.


You will improve:

- Body strength

- Cardiovascular System

- Weight cutting

- Cross-Training


Judo Performance and Workshop

Since 2010, we have visited primary and secondary schools to educate students about Judo and the role Judo plays in the Japanese culture.


We offer:


- Demonstrations

- Hands on learning

- Work with school 'cultural' days



5/25 - 27 Carinish Rd

Oakleigh South, Vic

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